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 This is the form that you will recieve upon placing a deposit on one of my puppies.  I fill it out, mail it to you (or take a picture and text or scan and email).  This is your insurance policy.  Your copy will have COPY written across the front of it.  I keep the original.                                       

                                              TAMMYS TOY POODLES

                                                 Deposit receipt form

Date the deposit was received ___, form in which deposit was made ____.

Deposit in the amount of $_     Remaining balance in the amount of $____.

Which will be due in cash , cashier's check or money order form only, by: ___, for a total  purchase price of $_____.

AKC Litter #_____, Parents_____Breed______Male or Female   color____markings_____

I Tammy Bordeaux, have received a deposit on the above described puppy or dog

from____________________________in the amount listed above.  The remaining balance listed above is due by the time the puppy turns 8 weeks old in cash, cashiers check or money order form only.  If this contract is referring to a puppy that is not yet weaned from its mother, once the puppy is weaned, it will be available at 8 weeks of age.   If the registration application for this puppy is not yet back from American Kennel Club (AKC), the papers are guaranteed to arrive asap.  The above listed deposit received is refundable ONLY if the puppy dies, is maimed, or becomes deathly ill before the new owner picks it up.  If  heaven forbid, this occurs, the deposit amount will be refunded to the above listed party that left the deposit or (if available) a replacement puppy of the same sex and value.  This deposit will not be refunded if you, for any reason, are unable to complete payment of the puppy as agreed in this contract or change your mind about purchasing a puppy in general, for whatever reason.  Please be absolutely sure that you have compltely thought out purchasing a puppy and that your lifestyle is suitable and allows the time and effort involved in housetraining a puppy.  That's the purpose of my screening questionnaire.  If you have any doubt that you are not able/capable of making this long term comitment, don't leave a deposit or purchase a puppy.  Because by doing so, you have assured me that you are ready and willing to make this commitment and will not change your mind once you get the puppy home and actually feel/expereience raising one.  It is time consuming and you will have "messes" (with odor) to clean up on a daily basis until you get your new baby trained.  A puppies ability and swiftness in housetrain is completley depending on their trainers diligence and in your technique.  Do not make this decision lightly, a puppy's health and welfare depends on it.  Contact information is provided below.

Tammy McKean-Bordeaux

17825 McDonald Rd.

Alvin, TX.  77511  


 Http://  Seller's Signature___________________________

Please make all necessary arrangements (food and water bowls, crate, doggie bed, toys, chews, etc) for your puppy at its new home before you pick it up.   This will make the transition much less stressful for your new baby and for you.  Nutri-Cal daily is a good idea for the first couple of weeks, especially with Teacup puppies.   Your puppy should not be exposed to other puppies under 6 months old until it has had its complete set of 3 puppy shots, which should be by12 weeks with their rabies shot by 16 weeks of age. Most puppy diseases are airborne and your puppy is not safe until it has had all of its shots so don't take your new baby out into the public and risk its life!!