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This is the document you will recieve the day you pick your puppy up or the day it is shipped to you.  Yours will be a copy, I keep the original.  This health guarantee is valid for the first 6 months of life as stated below.  Puppies that are "shipped" will have already been to my vet for an examination in order to recieve a health certificate.   Therefore it is not necessary to take them to the vet again within the first 72 hours as stated below.  But you are welcome to take your puppy to your own vet if you choose to do so of course.

                                   Limited Health Guarantee/Sales Receipt
Breed    Toy Poodle     Date of Birth            sex              purchase price $_              
Litter application/registration#                    color_________
Parents                        sold to_                   

Date sold     guarantee expires_    (SAMPLE OF ACTUAL DOCUMENT)


The puppy listed above is guaranteed to be free of illness.  This guarantee covers the first six months of life against the following genetic defects: hips, heart, liver, and kidneys.  Also the first 72 hours after picking up the puppy against life threatening sickness or disease (not including hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, viral or bacterial infections, or parasites).   These can be caused by stress, fear, pain, mishandling or exposure and is completely out of my control if I am not in possession of the puppy.   You must have taken the puppy to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hour time frame for this guarantee to be valid.  If sickness or disease is discovered in the puppy by a licensed veterinarian, within the above stated time frame, you will be offered a full refund of the purchase price upon returning the puppy and its registration papers, or a replacement puppy of the same sex and value (if available).  You must include documentation from your vet as to the exact diagnosis of the puppy so that I can have it treated accordingly by my vet.  I screen carefully to assure that you have completely thought out purchasing a puppy and the time and effort it takes to train one, therefore the ONLY reason a puppy can be returned and a refund granted is due to sickness or disease.  Not because you change your mind once you get the puppy home for whatever reason.  Puppies/Dogs are a long term commitment and completely dependant on people for their health and well being.  All puppies are given their shots according to age but, it must be understood that a puppy is not safely covered from diseases until it has had its complete set of 3 puppy shots not more than three weeks apart, which is the sole responsibility of the new owner after the puppy is picked up.  Once a puppy leaves my possession and enters the outside world, it is exposed to all airborne contracted illnesses.  Your puppy should not be taken into the public or around other puppies under six months of age because there are illnesses that there are no shots to protect them from!  This guarantee does not cover any damage inflicted on the puppy during its duration in the purchaser’s possession such as dropping, stepping on or any other kind of damage that I hope does not occur.  The approximate adult weight/size quoted on this puppy is (approximate), and is not guaranteed.  It is simply an educated, honest guess from years of experience.  The seller’s signature on this document states that there are no known or visible defects, injuries or illness with this puppy at this time. 




Enjoy your new family member.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call

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