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The Difference between AKC and CKC, UKC, etc. 

In order to register a puppy with AKC, both parents have to be registered with AKC.  The only way the parents can be registered with AKC is if their parents were registered with AKC, and so on all the way back to 1884 when AKC originated.  Therefore you are absolutely guaranteed that you are paying your hard earned money for a purebred dog. 

In order to register a puppy with CKC, both parents have to be registered with CKC.  In order to register a dog with CKC, you simply have to mail them a picture of the dog, tell them what breed you want to register it as and get two (unverified) signatures on the application for registration.  CKC will even register mixed breed dogs such as:  yorkiepoos (half yorkie/half poodle), peekapoos (half peekanese/half poodle), cockapoos (half cocker spaniel/ half poodle) etc. 

In order to register a puppy with UKC, both parents have to be registered with UKC.  You can get UKC papers on the parents by sending them a copy of your dog’s current registration (which includes CKC papers).  Need I say more?! 

This is the case with most registry clubs, EXCLUDING AKC of course. 

AKC requires that a male dog that has produced 7 or more litters in it’s lifetime or has produced 3 or more litters in a calendar year must be “AKC DNA profiled” which is quite costly.   AKC can, and does, inspect your dogs, your records and your facility on a regular basis to assure that they are being maintained in the proper conditions.  They are also authorized to DNA match litters of puppies (at will) to their listed sire.  If the puppy’s DNA does not match the listed sire’s DNA, the puppies are not allowed to be registered with AKC (for obvious reasons).   This is not a problem for those of us who keep our dogs, clean, groomed, and healthy and our facility clean, up to code and presentable, records in order and correct.  And most of all that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt which females was bred with which male.   AKC also requires a strict record keeping guideline which is not a problem for those of us concerned about the integrity of purebred puppies. 

I guess what I’m trying to explain is that the safest, most popular, most respected kennel club that has been around the longest is AKC (the original kennel club).  They do have a lot of rules, regulations and guidelines because, they want to make sure everything is done correctly to assure you are getting what you pay for.  Please feel free to investigate this for yourself.  All of the above information can be verified on the internet with ease (they all have websites). 

Just a bit of FYI before you decide on a registry and puppy.