Screening Questionnaire

Deposit Contract

Health Guarantee

Past Puppies


Cookie and LJ  ARE expecting by March 25th. 
Beauty and Cayenne ARE expecting by April 1st.

Next in line is Diane October of 2018 approval (she wants black and white party that is mostly black or black with white or dark grey Tiny Toy female).  Jasmine May 4th of 2020 approval (she wants Red) Toy or Tiny Toy size, Deborah July 14th of 2020 approval (for Toy size only) then Pam (she wants red) July 29th of 2020 approval for Toy or Tiny Toy size, Eboni (she wants red) August 18 2020 (10:30am) approval for Toy or Tiny Toy, Carol (she wants red) August 18 2020 approval (10:43am) for Toy or Tiny Toy, Kimberly August 31 2020 approval (she wants red) any size. 
Given the fact that all approvals mentioned above have chosen to wait for exactly what they want (I don't blame them), except for Deborah who is only approved for Toy size.   Next in line is now Janell Sept. 12 2020 approval Sandra Sept. 14 2020 approval (she wants a predominantly black male in toy or tiny toy) Gay Sept. 28 2020 approval for any size then Amy Sept. 30 2020 approval for any size. 

I also have four repeat customers who have first pick over new owners with the limit of one puppy per repeat customer per litter which was implemented in April of 2020. First in line is Suzanne who wants a black toy size female, Yet wants a toy size male of any color, Diane wants a white or party teacup size female, Michael wants a teacup size female any color. 


If your phone number has changed since you were added to my chronological waiting list, (or if you are a repeat customer) it is your responsibilty to notify me of such changes.  I call when it is your turn to chose a puppy.  If you miss your phone call because I don't have a good number for you, you will be removed from my list and the next person in line will be called.  If I call you and leave a message (or two) and I don't hear back from you within 48 hours I will remove your name from my list and call the next person in line.    

Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC Poodle Puppies
RESERVED for MaryAnn September 2020 approval. Her deposit is due March 1st.
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC Poodle Puppies
RESERVED for Marcela August 2020 approval. His deposit is due March 1st.
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC Poodle Puppies
RESERVED for Tod September 2020 approval. Her deposit is due March 1st.
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC Poodle Puppies
DEPOSIT RECEIVED from Fran Hajousky
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC Poodle Puppies
For your convenience there is a complete price list by size, sex and color on the puppy prices page located to the left at the top of this page.   And you can view my deposit contract and health guarantee as well as my screening questionnaire (my screening questionnaire is required to be completed by anyone interested in one of my puppies) by clicking the appropriate tabs at the top of this page.  Poodles are little chameleons if you didn't know.  Color changes from their birth color to their adult color are very common.  If you are not familiar with the wide variety of poodle colors go up to my past puppies page located directly above here and take a look.

Thank You for Your Interest in my Precious Poodle Puppies.
Tammy McKean-Bordeaux

Check us out on facebook and utube :)  Tammys Toy Poodles facebook page is open to the public to view BUT I only accept friend requests from my puppy owners so they can stay in touch with litter mates.  

Red Poodles
Various Shades of Red. Not all poodles born dark red remain dark red. You should know this before purchasing a red puppy. There is no way of knowing for sure which shade of red a poodle puppy will ultimately be. The red shade to the left is the most common shade of red just FYI.
Due to the higher risk of exposure and spread of coronavirus, I am not allowing visitation prior to puppies being born.  Meaning:  Our normal policy of being able to come check us out before puppies are born is being suspended until this COVID pandemic is over with.  
Approved individuals of 1 or 2 people (not entire families like we usually do) will still be allowed to visit once all of the puppies are born and 4 weeks of age.   My puppies are in a sunroom off of the back of my home so they can be viewed through the windows.  I will not be allowing anyone in my home at close proximity.  This was AKC's recommendation and I agree with it.  Also, our open visitation policy during your puppies growth is being suspended until all of this is over with. 
Furthermore, I will not be shipping puppies at this time because I don't intend to get anywhere near an airport until further notice. 

Also, I implemented a limit on puppies being reserved by repeat customer as of April 2020 when all 11 puppies out of three different litters were reserved by repeat customers leaving none available to potential new owners. 

What his means is once a repeat customer has reserved a puppy from any given litter, no other repeat customer can reserve a puppy from that same litter.  You will have to wait for the next litter to be born to reserve a puppy and so on and so forth.  It's only fair.


 I am able to accept credit/debit card payments via Paypal with my paypal button that I place on my website when I have notified "next in line" that they can place a deposit but I do not leave my paypal button on my website to avoid unauthorized deposits or "Square" by swiping your credit card in person with my iphone.   Deposits are 50% of the purchase price of the puppy once approved. All credit/debit card payments are an additional 3.9%for paypal fees or 3.5% square fees depending on which you chose to use.  I am also able to accept payments via Zelle.

I am always happy to give referrences upon request and freely offer my vets number if you'd like to speak with any of them about the care and condition of my dogs.  Delta Equine Center and their number is 337-589-3078.  Dr. Findley and Dr. Appleton have both been to my kennel in person and have both seen my dogs at their clinic for dentals, spays, neuters, c-sections, AI, and puppy health certificates required prior to shipping.  FYI, if you're looking for a vet in Louisiana that is good and has your babies best interest in mind, will get you in asap and won't charge you an arm and a leg, I highly recommend their services!!!  I've used them for many many years.  I drive 2 1/2 hours "one way" for all non emergency situations, it's worth it! 

I also have a vet clinic here in Texas that I occasionally use in a pinch but they are very hard to get into.  Alvin Animal Clinic 281-968-2402.  I usually end up going to Calder Emergency clinic for emergencies.