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Beauty and Ace are expecting the first week of October. 

Cookie and Gizmo are expecting in the second week of October.

We won't know for sure what colors, sizes or sexes we will have until the puppies are born and we can see and weigh them.  I will post them here on this page as soon as they are born.  These puppies will be weaned and ready to leave home in early to mid December at 8 weeks of age depending on their exact birth date.

Hermione and Gizmo's daughters will be available for deposit via paypal to approved potential new owners on Sept. 27th at 6 weeks of age.
AKC Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size poodle puppies
AKC female born to Hermione and Gizmo 8-16-18 $1400. I expect this little girl to be in the Toy size range of over 6 pounds as an adult. She has a small white gotee and a white blaze on her throat as well as white toes on her back feet. She is in the process of turning silver/blue like her daddy. I can see the color change starting at her eyebrows and her flank area. Once the color change process is complete, the white may not be visible anymore. You never know for sure but I like to disclose the possibility. And you're not imagining things, I did switch the puppies that I'm going to keep since this one will be slightly bigger than the other according to their 2 ounce difference in size right now. lol
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC poodle puppies
AKC female born to Hermione & Gizmo 8-16-18 $1900. I expect this gorgeous little sable girl to be on the higher end of the Tiny Toy size range of between 4-6 pounds as an adult.
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC poodle puppies
DEPOSIT Received from Debra Short
Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup and Pocket size AKC Poodle Puppies
SOLD to Viv Dudley Yup she bought both brothers so they will stay together forever YAY!!
AKC Toy, Tiny Toy, Teacup, Pocket size poodle puppies
SOLD to repeat customer Stephanie Chenard. Chewie got a baby brother :) Little Pocket size Ace here was not allowed to leave home until he was 16 weeks old due to his tiny size!
I have recently bred:

Angel with Cayenne

Also Blaze with LJ  (This mating was unauthorized!  Blaze already gave birth this year!) LJ and Blaze decided this was ok when I was not looking, when I looked back it was too late they were already locked up!!!  Little toots.... So there you have it. 

As soon as I can tell for sure that/if these mommies are pregnant, I will post litter announcements at the top of this page.  They will/would be due from mid October through late October.  Their puppies will/would be weaned and ready to leave home at 8 weeks of age for Toy anf Tiny Toy sizes (from mid December through late December).  A few weeks longer for Teacup and Pocket sizes should we have any teenie weenie's born.

I will not know what colors, sizes and sexes they will have until the puppies are born and I can see and weigh them.  There should be a wide variety of colors though.  Feels like Christmas already!! Laughing 

For your convenience there is a complete price list by size, sex and color on the puppy prices page located to the left.   And you can view my deposit contract and health guarantee as well as my screening questionnaire (my screening questionnaire is required to be completed by anyone interested in one of my puppies) by clicking the appropriate tabs directly above.  Poodles are little chameleons if you didn't know.  Color changes from their birth color to their adult color are very common.  If you are not familiar with the wide variety of poodle colors go up to my past puppies page located directly above here and take a look.

Thank You for Your Interest in my Precious Poodle Puppies.
Tammy McKean-Bordeaux

Check us out on facebook and utube :)  Tammys Toy Poodles facebook page is open to the public to view BUT I only accept friend requests from my puppy owners so they can stay in touch with litter mates.  

This paypal button is available for using a credit/debit card for payment.  Please do not leave a deposit for a puppy before you have completed my approval process by filling out my screening questionnaire and I have approved you, or you have spoken with me over the phone 409-789-3161 or via email.  I am also able to accept credit/debit card payments via "Square" by swiping your credit card in person with my iphone.   Deposits are 50% of the purchase price of the puppy once approved. All credit/debit card payments are an additional 3.9%for paypal fees or 3.5% square fees depending on which you chose to use.

I am always happy to give referrences upon request and freely offer my vets number if you'd like to speak with any of them about the care and condition of my dogs.  Delta Equine Center and their number is 337-589-3078.  Dr. Findley and Dr. Appleton have both been to my kennel in person and have both seen my dogs at their clinic for dentals, spays, neuters, c-sections, AI, and puppy health certificates required prior to shipping.  FYI, if you're looking for a vet in Louisiana that is good and has your babies best interest in mind, will get you in asap and won't charge you an arm and a leg, I highly recommend their services!!!  I've used them for many many years.  I drive 2 1/2 hours "one way" for all non emergency situations, it's worth it! 

I also have a vet clinic here in Texas.  Alvin Animal Clinic 281-968-2402.  Dr. Hoffpauer and Dr. West.