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Screening Questionnaire (downloadable)
                                   Tammys Toy Poodles Screening Questionnaire

1:  Do you have children?  If so, how many and what ages? 

2:  Do you work away from home?  If so, how many hours a day and how many days a week would a puppy be left alone in the home?

3:  Do you ever have to travel out of town on business?  If so, is there a reputable doggie daycare or trusted vet clinic convenient to you that you could board your puppy at or a trusted family member or friend that is qualified to care for a puppy?

4:  Do you have any other house dogs?  If so, how many, what sexes, what sizes, are they spayed/neutered?

5:  Have you ever house trained a dog before? 

6:  Do you have carpet, tile, wood or linoleum floors? 

7:  Are you aware that there WILL be accidents (with odor) that will have to be cleaned up daily for several months until you get your puppy house trained or potty pad trained?

8:  Do you own your home or do you rent? 

9:  If you rent, are you allowed to have pets where you rent, have you inquired about how much a pet deposit is going to be?

10:  If you own, do you have a fenced yard?

11:  Are you aware that Poodles have to be groomed on a regular basis (about every 4-6 weeks) by a professional groomer and maintained by you between visits to your groomer?  Do you know what groomers charge to groom in your area? 

12:  Are you financially able to take a puppy/dog for visits to your groomer on a regular basis and to assure that your puppy completes it's puppy shots and goes to your vet yearly for boosters and dental check ups/cleanings or for any other reason that might occur? 

13:  Do you intend to put your puppy on a heartworm preventative and use a flea preventative?   

Prospective buyers

If you see a puppy on this website that you are interested in purchasing, please copy and paste this questionnaire.  After completing all of the questions, attached it to your e-mail to me for approval.  Or simply email me your answers to my questions.   Please do not be offended by any of my questions, they just help me make a decision on whether I feel that you have completely thought out your decision to add a puppy to your family and lifestyle and are aware of what it takes time and money wise to raise a puppy.

Thank You for your interest in my precious poodle puppies

Tammy McKean-Bordeaux